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Live Lit is exactly what it sounds like: literature being shared in front of a live audience. Sometimes they are off-the-cuff, sometimes scripted, sometimes a combination of both. Readers share personal essays, lessons learned, funny stories, rants on a theme, or anything that they care to share.

A roomful of women dancing like nobody's watching (because no one is) for 60 minutes of unadulterated exuberance. Yes, I'm sober when I do this. 

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Wait, so what's this page about, though?

TRUTH: There is not enough time in the day for all the things I want to look at on the Internet. Add in social media feeds and discussion boards and hot takes on the latest Netflix binge and Poof! Big chunks of my days are lost to the black hole of the Internet. And I can't find whatever it was I really wanted to save and read later, or share, or comment on, etc. 


This page—One Cool Thing—has the sole purpose of helping curb my electronic hoarding habit. I put up One Cool Thing (as deemed by my subjective standards) to clear the clutter and shine a light on the things I really am interested in. I can also point to this page when I want to share something with a friend who appreciates Cool Things. It's the Internet manifested! 

More TRUTH: I am not paid anything—not dollars, favors, gold stars, or Starbucks rewards points—to feature any brands, people, items, etc. I consider myself the lone curator and target audience of this page; it's for my own organizational benefit and if there's any residual enjoyment, well, I think that's a cool thing too. 

Like what you see? or...don't? Whatevs. I want to know about it.
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