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Live Lit is exactly what it sounds like: literature being shared in front of a live audience. Sometimes they are off-the-cuff, sometimes scripted, sometimes a combination of both. Readers share personal essays, lessons shared, funny stories, rants on a theme, or anything that they care to share.

Live Lit a living, breathing event. No two are alike. Live Lit is such a supreme way to spend some time, I'm always surprised when events aren't more highly attended. Then again, the cozy vibe of a dimly lit room is part of the experience in itself. Readers are sharing a part of themselves, their experiences, their personhood. It's incredible to witness and appreciate their bravery.

Chicago is the sweaty, pulsing heart of the Live Lit scene (though you'd find versions everywhere). Perhaps it's a natural outcome of our improv and performance veins intertwined with our barstool lectures and abundance of everyday characters.

I tell stories—it's what I do. Sometimes I'm fortunate enough to tell them on a stage in front of people​. If you're in my fan club (hi Mom!), you saw me do StoryLab, Funny Ha-Ha, Story Studio, Story Club, and Second City Conservatory. Check out the links to the right for tried-and-true favorites. New ones are popping up all the time; wanna go? Hit me up, I'll join you!

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Dana Norris, Godmother of Live Lit in Chicago, put together this living calendar of live lit performances and overall, a great resource for live lit..

Scott Whitehair is a storytelling hero. His class is as delightful as he is.

Funny Ha-Ha is back in January—woot!

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