07 | DJ Me

If you were to meet me for the first time in real life, here's what I think you'd learn within 5 minutes: — I prefer red wine to white, but I'll drink whatever you got. Oh and here, I brought a bottle of Pinot Noir. — I get really into something, binge it, try to evangelize anyone within earshot about its greatness. (See: My Dad Wrote a Porno, Queer Eye on Netflix, Chatbooks, etc...) — I L.O.V.E. dancing. Namely, at Dance Dance Party Party but also, really at any occasion that has a nice patch of danceable floor and good beats. I leave weddings drenched in sweat. (So get the photos in early.) The last one has already been gushed about so this post is about what kind of music gets me grooving

06 | BOOKS!

I have a confession. In 2017, I read one book. That's —>one single<— book. Which for some people, is a totally acceptable number. But for me, a writer, an editor, a person of literary aspirations and interests, not reading is akin to fish not swimming or fighters not fighting, or lovers not loving. I mean, yes, life is busy and I did add a living responsibility (who's adorable) to my life last year but still, just one book. I didn't like it. Because I felt the difference. Reading and writing are two muscles I feel good exercising, and once I start, I get addicted to the calm and clear-headedness both activities bring me. So when the new year started, I vowed to "Read More Books!" And because

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